Medical massages and Acupressure



The purpose of this therapy is to influence through massage techniques

and vibrations on the process of repairing diseased tissues and organs.

It is a great therapeutic treatment for trauma, injury, plexitis,

neck pain, spikes, cramps and discopathy.

Duration: 60 min. Price: 30 euro ( 60 lv. )


The affected muscle, tendon and nerve are treated.

Includes some exercise if the part’s of the leg or arm allows it.

Recommended for recovery of neuritis and neuralgia, apoplexy and paresis.

Duration: 40 min. Price: 20 euro ( 40 lv. )

"FOOT MASSAGE" or Reflexology

Foot massage is an untraditional treatment for a many illness.

It stimulates acupuncture points

each corresponding to a specific anatomical organ.

Duration: 30 min. Price: 15 euro ( 30 lv. )

"SU JOK and ACUPRESSURE" - the so-called point massages

It balances the energy flow

and recovery processes in the body.

Stimulating centers where nerve endings intersect,

located the most painful point connected with sick organ

and working on it, sometimes work on several points at the same time.

By influencing the points an impulse arises,

who informs the body about the disease

and he takes steps to eliminate this disease.

Several follow-up therapies are needed,

to start our body self-healing.

Duration: 30 min. Price: 15 euro ( 30 lv. )

The human body is a form of life

  representing a wonderfully composed universe,

  and that's why he has everything in it

  to exist and to maintain his life in natures!