Professional massages


Each massages

to full body includes

Foot Massage

and Facial Massage.

In each massage include stimulation of certain nerve centers, through acupressure.

This helps in the energy balance in the body and preventing a number of illness.


Performed with smooth but power movements.

Have positive effect on the whole organism.

Strengthens the immune system, optimize blood circulation,

relaxes muscles and relieves tension.

This makes it the preferred massage!

If necessary, we use a sink and a device with infrared light.

Duration: 60 min. Price: 25 euro ( 50 lv. )

                80 min. Price: 35 еuro ( 70 lv. )

"INCENTIVE MASSAGE" - full body.

They are performed with rapid and vigorous movements.

Have strong effects on the nervous system, metabolism and skin.

Increases the tone and removes fatigue. Deep tissue manipulations.

Duration: 60 min. Price: 30 euro ( 60 lv. )

"SPORT MASSAGE" - back, legs and arms.

Performed with power moves that concentrate on muscular system.

Improves blood flow to the muscle fibers

and joints protects them from injuries and bruises.

It has been shown to increase the performance of athletes

before the race with about 20%.

Duration: 50 min. Price: 25 euro ( 50 lv. )


Combination of the techniques of relaxing, stimulating

and sport massages. Include Acupressure and Su Jok Therapy.

Duration: 70 min. Price 35 euro ( 70 lv. )

"EXPRESS MASSAGE" - a choice of 2 body zones.

Example: Back and legs, back and arms, arms and legs.

Durration:  40 min. Price: 20 euro ( 40 lv. )


Crushing the muscles and tendons on the back,

stretching and fixing the shoulders by Russian method.

If necessary, we use a sink and a device with infrared light

for stronger blood circulation and warming of the nerve endings.

Duration: 30 min. Price: 15 euro ( 30 lv. )


It is made with specialized oil,

heavy crushing of problem areas, suction cups and percussion techniques.

A minimum of 5 therapies are needed to achieve a visible and lasting effect!

Duration: 40 min. Price: 20 euro ( 40 lv. )

For 6 consecutive treatments - 20% discount.

"CHILD MASSAGE" - a whole body.

Duration: 30 min. Price: 15 euro ( 30 lv. )


It strengthens the oxygen flow, the skin acquires a fresh look.

Makes it more elastic and stronger.

Massage of the hair part of the head

strengthens scalp and prevents hair loss.

The face therapy ends with the Chinese method

to stimulate certain energy centers.

Duration: 30 min. Price: 15 euro ( 30 lv. )